Wish this was real!
Sometimes we all have those days. For sale here.

Jerison and I had a killer night hand pulling some prints. Love my job.

Watching currently.
Need a surf rock pick me up. My favs.
Lurking online today and stumbled across this gem by The Decoder Ring Design Concern.
Rad studio with a lot of great work.
Need to watch this. 
This poster also represent how I feel about my never ending pile of work….

Gotta love weird hand draw type.

I used to have this poster. Memories!
Working at home while listening to Pavement. Great band, great poster. Artist Unknown.

Stumbled upon this amazing design collective recently. Check them out.

" That girl thinks she’s the queen of the neighborhood
She’s got the hottest trike in townThat girl she holds her head up so highI think I wanna be her best friend, yeahRebel girl, Rebel girlRebel girl you are the queen of my worldRebel girl, Rebel girlI think I wanna take you homeI wanna try on your clothes ohWhen she talks, I hear the revolutionsIn her hips, there’s revolutionsWhen she walks, the revolution’s comingIn her kiss, I taste the revolution “

Gotta love that Bikini Kill.
Had one of these kind of days. Heading back to school has been a little bit of brain scramble.
Opaque  by  andbamnan