Hey. My name is Derek. I am a multidisciplinary designer dood in Seattle WA.

These are some of the things that get me stoked.

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  • teensonacid:

well i finally watched a bluray copy of Freedom, shit was beautiful, get on it, square.
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  • coryschmitz:


Cory Schmitz put up a mood video for a video game idea he had, and it struck a chord with me because I’ve had a similar idea for such a long time. The video was really inspiring for the right atmosphere, so lo and behold, fanart for something that doesn’t exist yet, I guess! Children exploring a city on their own, defending themselves from rival gangs? Yes please, yes please!
(Thanks for letting me do this, Cory!)

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  • harveyjames:

Another thing from my Tank Girl tryout.
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  • harveyjames:

This is the flyer I threw together for Gosh! Comics while I was waiting in the airport recently. I figured they could stick the advertising text to the right of my face. They had other ideas. Anyway, that facebook event page again, if you want to see my mug in person and buy some books and things: https://www.facebook.com/events/652193388209888/Come! 
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  • wonderful-strange:

Skeleton surfing, 1976
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  • originalgiantcontent:

Natas Kaupas,1990.
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  • seanhowe:

International Times (UK), June 1970.
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  • jbinjapan:

We Got Power! (Issue #2) February 1982
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  • superseventies:

Joan Jett on stage.
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